LEGO MindStorms EV3 Robotics Course - 7500 students

My Mum, my mentor and I collected about half of the  tutorials we use in one of our courses, and added them as a free Fun with LEGO MindStorms EV3 Robotics for Absolute Beginners course on the Udemy website. When I helped teach Adult Education Parent/Child robotics classes, and Primary School robotics, we had about 10 to 25 students. Our Udemy EV3 robotics course has just passed 7,500 students - over 300 times the number of students we had in a class in Tasmania! It is marvelous that we can use the Internet to help so many students worldwide learn about robotics and engineering. Feels good...

International Baccalaureate Results

The Mercury (Thursday 8th January, page 5) reports that our School had the highest average score in Australia in the International Baccalaureate Diploma (bigger image here). I received Certificates of Distinction and Creativity, Action and Service for my International Baccalaureate results.

Yaya Lu International Baccalaureate results Friends School

I feel honoured to be one of the Friends' School students pictured. We will be invited to an Awards Night in Melbourne to meet other Tasmanian and Victorian students who have achieved International Baccalaureate results greater than 40. I am so thrilled!

Three Kindle eBooks

To hopefully help encourage more students to participate in School Science competitions and fairs, I have made three of my Grade 8 and Grade 10 robotics reports available as sample reports in Kindle Format, so that they can be read on any of the many multimedia devices that support the free Kindle readers. I had meant to make them available free, but requires a price to allow them to take a place in the Amazon bookshop - so I have chosen the minimum price Amazon allows. You can see my Grade 8 report on Powder versus Liquid Detergents here, my Grade 10 full report on a Wheelchair Control System for a Complete Quadriplegic here, and the shorter Conference version of my Wheelchair Control System for a Complete Quadriplegic here, or you can go to and type Yaya Lu into the search box.

I have also made available similar reports in ".pdf" format available for download; click here to download my Grade 10 full report on a Wheelchair Control System for a Complete Quadriplegic here and my shorter Conference version of my Wheelchair Control System for a Complete Quadriplegic here .

Southern Cross Young Achievers Award

I feel both surprised and very privileged to be informed by the Event Manager for the Southern Cross Young Achiever Awards Katrina Gallo that I am through the semi-final process and have been selected as one of the three finalists in the First National Real Estate Leadership and Innovation Award. You can see the complete list of finalists by clicking here.

Study at the ANU

I am lucky enough to be accepted in to the Australian National University to study Software Engineering with a Human Factors bias. Each Tuckwell scholar has a mentor to help us get used to study away from home - I'm so fortunate to have this level of care!

Science Revue Production of the Year.

What?! The inaugural ANU Science Revue won Production of the Year at the ANUSA Clubs and Societies Ball!

2015 ANU Science Revue Yaya Lu Production of the Year

Our Award is held by Richard Kong with Matthew Teh, me and Luisa Williams. Our electrified excitement is more than enough to move an electron to its excited state! :-) Thanks to everyone who supported us in this remarkable undertaking, the magnificently magnanimous cast, band and crew, to the audience and supporters of the Revue: thanks for making it such a success!

The Junket un-conference

I felt honoured to attend the 3-day Junket un-conference because Junket was "invite only, meaning you can’t buy your way into the event; you need to earn it with your ideas. Every person we’ve selected to participate is a leader, an expert or innovator in their field ". The website stated "We’re Bringing 200 Of Australia’s Best And Brightest Young Minds Together For Something Pretty Amazing"  , a "diverse group of incredible minds, sharing ideas, learning from each other, inspiring each other, and networking — all with the wonderfully lofty aim of helping set the agenda for Australia’s future". I found it absolutely fascinating with lots of groups running concurrently - and you can see a photo essay of some of the happenings at the conference by clicking here.

Yaya Lu photo by Damiel Boud Sydney

During the conference Sydney photographer Daniel Boud was kind enough to take portraits, including this one of me.

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