2006 - First LEGO MindStorms RCX Robot - No Name.

Yaya Lu's first RCX robot Lego MindStorms

I went to a CSIRO educational weekend workshop about robots and really enjoyed it. I got a LEGO MindStorms RCX robot kit for my birthday, built this robot, and had fun playing about with the light and touch sensors. It was my first robot project. I programmed it in RoboLab.

Translated into Mandarin: 我去了一个关于机器人CSIRO的周末研讨会,非常喜欢它。我得到了我的生日礼物,建了这个乐高机器人。乐高的MindStorms RCX的机器人套件能连接光线和触觉传感器,很有趣

Good and Bad: I didn’t think about good and bad then, and I didn’t think about giving this robot a name.


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