2007 - Second Robot - "School Robot"

Yaya Lu 2007

I found out about Rob Torok’s SmartBots program, and got my neighbor Dr. Graeme Faulkner as our mentor so it could be started in my School.

Translated into Mandarin: 我发现关于RobRorok的SmartBots案,并得到了我的邻居Graeme作为我的导师,在我在读的学校开始机器人学习

Yaya Lu School Robot Second robot Lego MindStorms

This was the first robot project that I built in my own Princes Street Primary School with the LEGO NXT MindStorms NXT-G kit in the school. It was also tested for the Tasmanian National RoboCup Competition in 2007 for the Junior Rescue division. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take it to do the National RoboCup Rescue competition because my classmates used it for the dancing division in the National RoboCup Dance competition.

Good: This robot followed the line well.

Bad: Doesn’t always turn when sensors see green squares in the Australian RoboCup rescue mat. Didn’t succeed in pushing the pretend person out of the green swamp.   

Mandarin: 这是第一个机器人,我在Princes Street 小学时用乐高NXT的的MINDSTORMS NXT- G建的。它在塔斯马尼亚的2007州际机器人年赛时参加救援部门少年组比赛。不幸的是,我不能拿它参加当年的国家级救援比赛,因为我的同学用它参加了舞蹈类别的比赛。
缺点:在澳大利亚比赛专用地毯上,当传感器测到绿色时,它有时不按指令转动, 也不能成功将假人推出沼泽地。

Third Robot - "Claw"

Yaya Lu Third robot Claw Lego mindStorms NXT

Good fun, but the claw kept falling off.  I had to take this apart, because I needed an extra LEGO light sensor and LEGO sonar sensor for Flat-Head (robot 4).

Good: This robot also followed the line reasonably well.

Bad: The front claws kept falling off this robot. The robot was not good at turning 90 degrees when it found the green squares in the Australian RoboCup Rescue mat.  It was a bit slow.  

我的第三个机器人叫魔爪. 但恼人的是它的爪子老要掉下来. 所以只能忍痛割爱放弃了, 将它改装成下面第四个机器人。

Fourth Robot - "Flat-Head"

Yaya Lu Fourth Robot Flat-Head Lego NXT MindStorms

(Big webcam=big picture & slow; small webcam=small picture & less slow, Apple is for Apples...)

I built this for the Tasmanian RoboCup Rescue competitions in 2007. It is a good reliable robot. I do a lot of my testing for the Australian Rescue competition with Flat-Head. I programmed it in RoboLab.

Good: Faster, had 3 LEGO light sensors. The LEGO ultrasonic sonar worked wonderfully. Was turning when sighted green patches… mostly…

Bad: It has problem going up the ramp in the International RoboCup Rescue arena.     

我的第四个机器人叫平头, 也是为参加2007澳大利亚塔斯马尼亚州际机器人大赛而准备的。

Fifth Robot - "Bouncer 1"

Yaya Lu Fifth Robot Bouncer 1 Lego NXT MindStorms

Like my mentor’s Curly-top, but my mentor’s robot went backwards. I built one like a second version of Curly-top but I reversed the motors so that it would go forwards like Flat-Head instead of backwards, and I could use the same RoboLab programs in both.

Good: This robot was small and light which could fit in the measurement for the Tasmanian Junior RoboCup Rescue.

Bad:  Bounces and falls over easily due to its height so it cannot go up the international RoboCup rescue ramp without falling back.  

我的第五个机器人叫蹦蹦跳老大, 它又小又轻, 符合澳大利亚机器人大赛形体要求, 可惜它跌跌撞撞很容易摔倒, 也进不了这国际大赛。

Sixth Robot - "Bouncer 2"

Yaya Lu Sixth Robot Bouncer 2 Lego NXT MindStorms

Bouncer’s swiveling wheels were too big for the Tasmanian measuring cylinder, it was an emergency! We put some Lifesaver sweets on Bouncer 1 – it fitted the cylinder and worked well. I came fifth in the Tasmanian Rescue RoboCup.

Good: This robot was allowed to compete in RoboCup. We didn’t eat the lifesavers, we kept them as souvenirs.

Bad:  Bounces and falls over easily due to its height so it cannot go on the international RoboCup rescue ramp without falling back.

我的第六个机器人叫蹦蹦跳老二, 用两粒中间带孔的糖果取代原来一个轮子, 可惜它还是跌跌撞撞, 我只好放弃了它。

Experimental Robot - "KiteBot"

This LEGO MindStorms NXT robot project had sideways wheels  in front and behind. The sideways wheels looked like those shown in the picture below, but were in different positions.  I only have video of this Robot.

Seventh Robot - "OwlBot"

Yaya Lu Seventh Robot OwlBot Lego NXT MindStorms

Some of the other robots in the Tasmanian and Australian RoboCup rescue Championships went around corners faster than my robots, so I tried making OwlBot. It uses sideways wheels. I called him OwlBot because Owls can turn their heads to see backwards, and OwlBot’s sonar points backwards.

Good: Wheels worked OK. Having motors at the back worked OK.

Bad: Still a bit bouncy. Not much faster than Bouncer.  

 在2007澳大利亚机器人大赛中我发现有些机器人转弯时速度很快, 就实验用不同的轮子造了这个机器人, 但是因为它的高度, 还是跌跌撞撞让人提心掉胆。

Experimental Robot

I also tried an experimental dance robot that used three sideways wheels. It was also built from my LEGO NXT kit, but the sideways wheels meant that it could go in any direction. I programmed it using RoboLab.


Small Lego NXT Dance Robot Yaya Lu

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